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5 Reasons why Indian fans love M S Dhoni.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni : M S Dhoni is one of the most prominent captains Indian Cricket has ever seen. He is one of the greatest wicketkeepers as well as finishers. He is loved not only for his performance but also for his spirit and personality. Not a few things, there’s a lot you can praise him for. On or off the ground, he’s an admirable personality. Lemmi gives you a sight of the character by letting you know a selected portion of his qualities.

1) Captain Cool

Both Sourav Ganguly and M S Dhoni are the most successful captains of the 21st century. Though, this is where the similarity ends. While Ganguly was a classy left-handed batsman, who could ball a bit. Dhoni is as unorthodox as you can get. Also, he is a wicket-keeper.

One can also point out that M S Dhoni has always been one of the most consistent cricketers around. This is in stark contrast to Ganguly who typically had fitness issues.

Still, the biggest difference between the two is their attitude during captaincy. Ganguly was likely to lose his cool on the field and generally gave the impression that he was bearing the weight of the country on his shoulders.

M S Dhoni, on the other hand, rarely betrays emotion on the field. Looking solely at Dhoni’s expressions, an ignorant observer would be hard-pressed to determine the situation of the match. This has led to several last over victories for India under Dhoni.

2 . Best Game Finisher

M S Dhoni has asserted his supremacy as one of the best finishers. While Dhoni made his debut as an attacking batsman, who used to hit every ball within reach and later morphed into an expert finisher who could readjust his game respectively. The one thing that did not change was Dhoni’s habit of finishing a match with a six.

m s dhoni

This came to the fore even more so, when Dhoni finished the 2011 ICC World Cup Final with a six. M S Dhoni has this magical ability to drag a chase to the last over. This habit might force viewers to watch within great suspense and knocking heart and bite their nails out. But, as everyone knows Dhoni can always change/win the game with a six.

3 . A determined approach towards success

Dhoni’s captaincy monarchy has had its decent share of controversies. In early 2008, former captains, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were shown the door from the ODI side. More recently, the peers of Sehwag, Zaheer Khan and Gambhir have been phased out. While these decisions have made Dhoni unpopular in certain localities of the country, the man himself has never bothered. Setting emotions aside, and thinking pragmatically, India’s limited-overs team did need a makeover in 2008.

Also, after the twin downfalls in 2011-12 (England and Australia), it became clear that there was a need for a new line in the side. Apart from the cricketers discussed above, the lies of Harbhajan and Yuvraj too have spent time on the interests.

Thus Dhoni has time and again proven that he would never let anything, even friendship, get in the way of success.

4 . Gut feelings

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made a career out of winning matches with logic-defying, yet game-changing decisions. M S Dhoni has used his players in the right places and at the right times. Many times this has led to the success of the team as well as of the players. He got the bowlers wickets by bringing them in at the right places. What cannot be discounted is the fact that if Dhoni believes in something, he never hesitates to try it out. This has come back to bite him on several events. Be it his Idealistic bowling changes in test cricket, or team selections in critical games. Dhoni has regularly been criticized for making poor decisions. But again, this is to be expected in a cricket crazy nation like India.

On the other hand, it has managed significant victories in 2 World Cup finals, among others. The most recent case was in the 2016 Asia Cup match against Bangladesh. M S Dhoni trusted the last over to Hardik Pandya, who managed to pull off an unimaginable victory.

5 . The pleasure his play gives

Last but not the least, sport is meant to entertain. True, there are life lessons to be learned. But, eventually, the millions of people watching, want to get their money’s (and time’s) worth. This is never more obvious than watching M S Dhoni perform.

ms dhoni

His every move excites the viewers. Bat in hand, Dhoni is capable of being as unmerciful as a Sehwag or a Gayle. While keeping, his wisecracks from behind the stumps often leave viewers in splits. At the same time, they provide a refreshing background to the action.
All of these are such qualities as cannot allow anyone to troll him for just one or two bad days. He is really a person to learn from.

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