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Are Plastic Bags Harmful ? Are they totally banned ?

Yes, plastic bags and plastic substance is harmful to humans, animals, marine creature and the environment. Plastic bags are the major cause of environmental pollution. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance and thus plastic bags stay in the environment for hundreds of years.

Many countries including India has banned plastic or imposed tax on it. But the problem has not been solved completely. because the implementation of these measures hasn’t been much successful

Problems caused by plastics :

Environmental problems :

  • Plastic bags are non-biodegradable therefore disposal of plastic is the biggest problem. And they have become the main reasons for land pollution.
  • Plastic bags and tonnes of plastic waste chemicals enter the oceans and the water bodies which is the cause of water pollution.

Harmful for wildlife & Marine creature :

Water polution

Millions of animals killed by plastic every year from birds to fish to other marine creatures. As they unknowingly consume plastic particles along with their food. Sometimes it choaks their neck and causes death. Tests have also confirmed liver, cell damage, and problems to reproductive systems.

Effect of plastic on humans :

  • The toxic chemical released in the environment from the production of plastic is the cause of human illness.
  • As mentioned earlier marine creature consumes plastic particles unknowingly as their food and it stays inside them. Essentially we are eating our waste with those creatures like fish.
  • If you don’t like seafood, don’t think you have been spared as micro-plastic particles have been found in salt too.
  • Waste of plastic is the main reason for blocking the drains and sewers. Especially in rainy seasons. and this results in flood-like situations that affect normal human life.
  • The blockage of drains and sewers also produces many diseases. Which could be life-threatening to humans.

Plastic bag bans & Public awareness :

Indian govt has banned the usage of plastic in almost every state. but as you know still we can see people carrying plastic bags.
Shopkeepers stop providing plastic bags for a few days and later it continuous again.

Its time we need to take a step and contribute a bit to the success of this ban. Educated society has to take responsibility to stop using plastic bags and support the govt. organizations in the campaign.
Instead of using plastic, we can use cloth and jute bags which is Eco-friendly.

Plastic have become a threat to this world. Most people are aware of this problem. But still, we are underestimating and plastic is being used as per the convenience.

But now everyone has to completely stop using plastic bags to save the environment and human lives.

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