Ban on Yes Bank : Queue at Varanasi branch, 6500 accounts, 4000 withdrawals.


Ban on Yes Bank : The account holders of the Gulab Bagh bank branch in Sigra in Varanasi are apprehensive about their deposits after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) banned Yes Bank. As soon as it was reported on Friday, there was a stir among consumers. People reached the bank in the morning with a passbook and ID. Then it was found that only 50 thousand rupees can be withdrawn in a month. 

As soon as the bank workers and officers arrived in the morning, the account holders started questioning them about withdrawals. Shortly, the RBI directive was pasted outside the branch.

According to this, consumers were stunned after getting information about the withdrawal of only 50 thousand rupees. Then people started queuing up to withdraw the same amount. People started giving money through checks from two counters of the bank. On the other hand, the bank workers were busy trying to convince the people.

The server was closed for 35 minutes in the morning and the heart was increased.

The server remained closed for 35 minutes from 10 am. During this time the evacuation also stopped. Consumers felt that even 50 thousand rupees would not come into their hands.

However, when the server started 35 minutes later, people breathed a sigh of relief. During this, bank officials continued to talk at the main branch in Mumbai.

Ban on Yes Bank

Yes ATM has two ATMs in the city, shutting down services from both ATMs. Withdrawal from both ATMs stopped after midnight on Thursday. On reaching the bank branch, consumers were first arriving at the ATM booth here. When it was learned that there would be no evacuation, then they were queuing up.

Ban on Yes Bank : Maximum Current and Salary Account

Yes Bank has the most current and salary account. In this bank, people from Lallapura, Lajpatnagar, Sigra, Maldahiya and surrounding areas have opened accounts. On Friday, people used to reach to withdraw money. If someone is married in the house, then someone had to withdraw money for a business. Some family members are in the hospital. People were desperate because of not getting the money. 

Ban on Yes Bank : 6500 accounts, eight crores daily turnover

6500 account holders are associated with Yes Bank’s Gulab Bagh branch. Every day there is a transaction of seven to eight crore rupees. Most small businessmen are associated with this bank. There are around 3800 current accounts. There is already a lot of unease about this bank. Till one and a half years ago there were about 10 thousand accounts in this branch.

Over the year, people started withdrawing their money and closing the account. During this time, three thousand people closed their accounts. Branch spokesperson Swati said that on Friday, about four thousand people took out money through net banking and checks. 80 percent of consumers contacted the branch. They have been explained that their funds are safe. 


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