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Bihar Train Accident: Biggest Train Accident India Witnessed.

  • More than 500 people died.
  • Approximately 300 passengers were missing who were never found.

On June 06, 1981, India witnessed the biggest train accident in Bihar. A passenger train with 09 coaches carrying more than 900 passengers between Mansi and Saharsa drowned into the Baghmati river.

In this accident, more than 500 people estimated to have died. Rescue operations took time due to bad weather conditions and heavy rain. After
05 days of rescue 286 dead bodies were found and approximately 300 passengers were missing who were never found.

Same year Indian railway witnessed 526 train accidents in the starting nine months of the year. These accidents took the lives of thousands of people.

Reasons behind Bihar train accident :

Two theories were represented one was given from railway officials and the other was given by passengers who survived this accident :

Bad Weather conditions and Flooding.

As per railway officials due to bad weather conditions, this accident took place. All windows of the train were closed as rainwater was coming inside. While train was crossing river heavy winds made the train to derail. Monsoon had started and heavy rain had made rail tracks slippery. Bagmati river was also flowing above the normal water level. Due to that seven coaches out of nine coaches drowned quickly into the river.

Hard Brakes Applied to save a Cow.

As per the passenger who survived the engineer put a hard break to save a cow, which was crossing a railway track. Due to that train derailed on slippery tracks and fell into the Baghmati river.
the actual reason was still unknown and was not well documented.

Indian railway is 4th biggest railway network in the world. the number of total working employees is more than 13 lakh. 2019-2020 was the safest year for the Indian railway with ZERO accidents.

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