Sunday, October 17, 2021
delhi metro

Delhi metro: Tips To Avoid The Spreading Of Coronavirus while traveling in the metro.

With the first confirmed cases of coronavirus popping up in various parts of India, even reaching the national capital, every slight cough or sneeze is viewed with increasing concern. Whether it’s...

Sixth case of corona virus in Pakistan.

The victim had recently returned from IranSixth case of corona virus in Pakistan. Another case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Karachi, Pakistan. With this, Sixth case of...

Is India Capable Of dealing with Coronavirus?

Is India Capable Of dealing with Coronavirus? The coronavirus outbreak has claimed 4 lives in India so far. The Union health ministry on Friday said that 223 coronavirus positive...

Life Insurance : Buying Insurance In Young Age Helps A Lot.

In life, we experience a lot of unexpected things. Usually, we can't stop these things from occurring. but we can choose to give our life a bit of protection. Insurance is something...

Are Plastic Bags Harmful ? Are they totally banned ?

Yes, plastic bags and plastic substance is harmful to humans, animals, marine creature and the environment. Plastic bags are the major cause of environmental pollution. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance and thus...

Video Goes Viral, “Food and water being thrown at people at Agra Quarantine Center.

The video was shot at Agra's Hindustan College, which has been converted into a quarantine center. Basic protective steps against the new coronavirus.Is Coronavirus China’s biological weopon experminent...