Friday, January 21, 2022

Basic protective steps against the new coronavirus.

Basic protective steps against the new coronavirus. India Reports second Death Due To Coronavirus with 82 infected cases increasing repeatedly. As per WHO guidelines some basic...

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Opposes 5% Reservation For Muslims In Maharashtra.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has reacted pointedly to the Maharashtra government giving 5% reservation to Muslims, Dr. Surendra Jain, the Union General Secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, while addressing a...

Video Goes Viral, “Food and water being thrown at people at Agra Quarantine Center.

The video was shot at Agra's Hindustan College, which has been converted into a quarantine center. Basic protective steps against the new coronavirus.Is Coronavirus China’s biological weopon experminent...

Donald Trump’s India Visit : Entry Gate Of Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium Collapses.

Donald Trump's biggest rally might not be in a red state, or even in the United States. It's likely to be inside a cricket stadium in Gujarat state, in western India with...

Shaheen Bagh : People suffering from Shaheen Bagh jam came down on the streets.

The protesters allege that the road opened yesterday only benefited the people by demonstrating in Shaheen Bagh, so the administration should open the Faridabad road to understanding their problems. Women are...
CarryMinati Vs Tiktok

Chinese App Tik-Tok Rating on Google Play Store Falls Drastically.

Chinese app Tik-Tok rating before was 4.6. It is merged with in 2018 and become the most downloaded free app globally. Chinese app Tik-Tok may be one of...