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Chinese App Tik-Tok Rating on Google Play Store Falls Drastically.

  • Chinese app Tik-Tok rating before was 4.6.
  • It is merged with in 2018 and become the most downloaded free app globally.

Chinese app Tik-Tok may be one of the fastest-growing apps in India, but at present facing downfall and bad ratings on Google play store. It’s rating dropped from 4.6 stars to 2 stars due to cringe content promotion and anti-china controversies. Tik-Tok has 02 billion downloads on google play store and app store, out of that 611 million downloads are from India alone. 

History : 

Tik-Tok is a Video sharing social networking service app created in 2016 by ByteDance, a Chinese company founded by Zhang Yiming. It is first launched as Douyin in China. Later in 2018, it is merged with and Tik-Tok become the most downloaded free app globally. This app is created to nake short videos, lip-sync, and other talent videos. This app is available in 40 languages and has an Alexa rank of 309. 

Downfall and Controversies in India : 

1. YouTube vs Tik-Tok war on Cringe and Vulgar content.

It all started when the Youtube content creator Elvish Yadav made a roast video on Tik-Tok cringe content and targeted some famous Tik-Toker’s Soumya Pikachu, Revolver Rani, Amir Siddiqui, and others. In revert, Amir Siddiqui backfired and targeted Youtuber for making reaction and roast videos on Tik-Toker’s content. Siddiqui even claimed that the Tik-Tok community can put CC (Copyright) on those videos. This war heated when Famous Roast Video creator Ajay Nager alias CarryMinati made a roast video on Amir Siddiqui. CarryMinati’s Video later put down by youtube for violating platform terms and policies as Amir’s fan reported Carry’s videos for harassment and cyberbullying.

Soon CarryMinati fans started a trend #RoastNahiFryKarunga and #BanTikTok on Twitter. #BanTikTokInIndia, #TikTokdown, #TikTokexposed on other social platforms. Many celebrities and Youtube creater came forward to support CarryMinati. Later Amir Siddiqui removed his video and apologized from the Youtube community.

2. Claims of Glorifying “Acid-attack” on Women.

Tik-Tok content creator Faizal Siddiqui posted one video throwing water on a girl that changes to makeup similar to acid burn marks. Soon his video got viral on all social media platforms as Claims of Glorifying “Acid-attack” on Women. The National Commission of Women also filed a complaint against Faizal Siddiqui to the DGP Maharashtra and put a notice to Tik-Tok India to remove his account. Soon Tik-Tok suspended his account and it is not available on this platform now.

Acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal also shared the post on Instagram and thanked NCW for taking action against Faizal.

After facing massive criticism Faizal Siddiqui released one statement on Instagram that his video is misrepresented and half part of the video is being spread on social media platforms. Faizal also apologized and said,” I realize my responsibility and apologize to anyone who was offended by the video”.

3. Anti-China Sentiment’s

On 12 May Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech told Indians to be self-reliant and use most of the locally manufactured products to make the Indian economy stable. China has a huge influence on the world market and is famous for manufacturing products at less price with low quality. China faced many time criticism for their low-quality products.

This become one more reason on social media to boycott all Chinese products from the Indian market. Peoples have uninstalled all China developed applications from their phones. Boycott Chinese product hashtag is trending on social media.

Due to all these controversies Chinese app Tik-Tok rating dropped from 4.6 stars to 2 stars. Many people has uninstalled and rated 1 star to this Chinese app and everyone has their motive to boycott these Chinese products.

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