Corona : Textile shop in Kerala grabs attention for an unusual name.


A textile shop in Kerala is grabbing everyone’s attention for its unique name – Corona.
Located about 40 km from Kochi, Corona is a textile shop owned by Pareed. For several years, he has been popularly known as ‘Corona Pareed’.

“Now, I am a sought after person here. While many want to take a selfie, others just smile when they look at me. I see many people traveling in vehicles and when they pass by in front of my shop, they pop their head out and take a sight,” Pareed told.


Corona Textiles sells cloth materials and also has a stitching unit.

“I looked up in the dictionary and liked the word,” he said when asked about how he settled for this name for his shop.

Pareed, wary of what the word today means, has made sure that the deadly coronavirus is kept out of his shop. He has kept a sanitizer for all those who enter his shop.

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