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Home News Delhi students demands to Hang Tahir Hussain.

Delhi students demands to Hang Tahir Hussain.

Whoever has incited violence, there should be strictest action, says Delhi CM.
An FIR was registered on Thursday against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillor Tahir Hussain for allegedly being involved in the killing of Intelligence Bureau staffer Ankit Sharma, police said.
Aam Aadmi Party has expelled him from the party. Delhi Police has also sealed the house and factory of Tariq Hussain.

Kejriwal said,

” Whoever has incited violence, there should be strictest action If anyone from AAP is found guilty, double punishment should be give. No one, be it they belong to BJP, AAP and Congress, should be spared.”

The demand to hang Tahir Hussain, the main accused in the Delhi riot and the killer of Ankit Sharma, is now raising. People say that Tahir Hussain had planned.

Aam Aadmi Party Kejriwal & Tahir Hussain

So far, 38 people have died in the Delhi riot and thousands of shops and houses have been burnt in the hospital in the injured state, while the post mortem report revealed that IB officer Ankit Sharma was attacked with knives 400 times.

After this report, people are very angry, after such terrible and brutal murder, people are raising the voice through social media that an accused like Tahir Hussain should be hanged. On Twitter, people started this trend #Tahir_Hussain_co_fansi_ through two days. People used to express their anger.
Many such evidence has been found against Tahir Hussain which proves that he is the mastermind behind the riots. Last night, a woman’s burnt clothes and belongings were found from her house, later that girl’s body was also found in Tahir Hussain’s house. Got to the nearby drain from where Ankit’s body was found.

It is obvious that after all these people are very angry about Tahir Hussain. Many intellectual journalists and media persons have also talked about punishing him severely, now it is to see when Delhi Police arrest him and what punishment for him The answer will be hidden in future

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