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Dola Mata Temple : A Hindu Temple In Gujrat With Muslim Goddess.

A Hindu Temple In Gujrat With Muslim Goddess.

In India, there are a lot of temples and this is the one thing India famous for. There are Crores of the temple in India and many of them are believed to have special significance.

One theory is that the number of gods and goddesses in Hinduism is 33 Crores which refers to the total count of the then known population of humans and living beings that ever walked on this planet including 84 lakhs living species.

Dola Devi temple one of the temples that have some special significance. This temple is situated in the state of Gujrat. 

The Dola Mata temple is a rare kind of temple because a Muslim woman is worshipped as a goddess by Hindus   

Location of the Temple.

Dola Mata Temple is located approximately 40 km away from the state capital of Ahmedabad. There is a small village Jhulasan in the district of Mehsana, where there is temple.

History of Dola Mata temple.

According to folktales, it is believed that 250 years ago the village Jhulasan was attacked by goons and a Muslim woman who was traveling through the village fought against these goons to protect the village until she lost her life.

That Muslim woman’s name was Dola. It is also believed that Dola body turned into flowers after she died. The Villagers than built this temple in the honor of her bravery as she fought till her last breath.

And villagers started worshiping her like a goddess.

Interesting facts about this village and Dola Mata temple :

  • It is interesting to know there is no Muslim family resides in Jhulasan village.
  • The Goddess is worshiped by Hindus and they believe that Mata Dola fulfills their wishes.
  • The temple built cost is approximately 04 crores and that all was contributed by the villagers.
  • This Jhulasan village is the birthplace of Sunita Williams. This temple becomes more famous when Sunita Williams came to this temple to worship with her father.
  •  It is believed that Dola Mata fulfills the dreams of those who want to immigrate to other countries.

This is rarity to have a temple-like this where Hindus worship a Muslim goddess.

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