Man spent Rs 16 lakhs to get number ‘1’ on his newly bought Jaguar.

When you love something you gotta buy it, no matter how rare or expensive it is. Though it’s not possible for most of us, those who earn enough can afford well enough.

A Jaipur based businessman named Rahul Taneja has a great love for numbers especially “1”. So this time when he bought a brand new Jaguar, he shelled out Rs 16 lakhs to get the number “1” on his plate.

But you are wrong if you think that he has done it for the first time.

As per HT, Rahul Taneja who runs an event management company bought his first luxury car, a BMW 5 series, in 2011 and paid Rs 10.31 lakh for a special number RJ 14 CP 0001.

Then he bought Skoda Laura only because the registration number of the vehicle was RJ 20 CB 0001.

Then he purchased a BMW 7 by selling his first car but he retained it’s number RJ 14 CP 0001.

However, this love is not limited to car numbers. His mobile number also has five 1’s in it and he was a topper at his school Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Adarsh Nagar.

Rahul explains his fascination towards ‘1’ by saying-

rahul taneja

“I believe in being number one in whatever I do. I want my event management company to be number one in the country.”

He further explains-

“Even in 1996 when I bought a second-hand scooter, I made sure its number added up to 1,” he said. “The scooter’s number was RJ 14 23M 2323. 2+3+2+3 adds up to 10 and 1+0 is 1.”

However, life has not been easy for Rahul initially. He left home when he was just 11. For 7 years he did several odd jobs for a living and to fund his studies.

He sold kites during Makar Sankranti, rakhis during Raksha Bandhan, colors during Holi and crackers during Diwali. He even sold leather jackets on footpaths. He drove auto-rickshaw at night – from 9 pm to midnight – because he didn’t have a driving license and at this time of the night, there was less chance of getting caught by police.

The hard work only made him shine like a diamond and he tried modeling at the age of 18. This changed his life and he was declared Mr. Jaipur, Mr. Rajasthan and Male of the Year.

Now that he is a successful businessman, Rahul says, “My life had been full of struggle – now when I have money, I want to enjoy it.”

Isn’t that encouraging? Many people will criticize him for wasting money on numbers but that’s his passion and he has spent his own money on it. Right?

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