Shaheen Bagh : People suffering from Shaheen Bagh jam came down on the streets.


The protesters allege that the road opened yesterday only benefited the people by demonstrating in Shaheen Bagh, so the administration should open the Faridabad road to understanding their problems. Women are also among the protesters sitting on a dharna to open the road to Faridabad.

People have opened a front in Delhi’s Sarita Vihar and Jasola today to protest against the CAA-NRC protests in Shaheen Bagh. These people are demanding to open all the routes which have been closed due to the protests in Shaheen Bagh for almost two and a half months.

Locals in Sarita Vihar, Madanpur Khadar and Jasola have closed the road leading to the Shaheen Bagh metro station till the opening of the Faridabad road. The protesters say they will keep the road leading to Shaheen Bagh closed until the Faridabad road is opened.

According to media reports, the people of Sarita Vihar, Jasola, etc., who are protesting for the demand of opening of the Faridabad road, say that the route from Jamia Millia University to Shaheen, Tap No. 9 to Kalindi Kunj is open and due to this Jamia, The people of Batla House and Shaheen area are not having to face any problem.

However, the residents of other neighborhoods have not received much relief from this. They say that Faridabad Road should also be opened so that they too can get relief.

At the same time, amid protests from last night in Delhi’s Zafarabad against the CAA and the National Citizenship Register, BJP leader and BJP candidate from Model Town during the Delhi Assembly elections, Kapil Mishra has said that the second Shaheen Bagh will not be allowed in Delhi.

Earlier, commenting on the people who blocked the Jafrabad metro station road from midnight yesterday, Kapil Mishra tweeted, “Stage is now being built in Jafrabad. Another area where the law of India stopped working now. Modi Ji was right, Shaheen Bagh was an experiment. Be ready to lose roads, streets, markets, neighborhoods one by one. Shut up until you come to your door. Shut up. “

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