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Rinku Singh on Palghar mob lynching, The Killing of Hindu sadhu’s will not be tolerated.

Rinku Singh on Palghar mob lynching, The Killing of Hindu Monks will not be tolerated.

Rinku Singh (in Indian WWE professional wrestler) today posted one video on his Facebook page saying the killing of Hindu sadhus will not be tolerated. As on Thursday night in a terrifying incident in Palghar Maharashtra, three people, including two sadhu’s were lynched to death on suspicion of theft.

All three, including 70 years old man and driver were brought dead to the hospital. The trio was attacked based on the rumors that they were involved in the abduction of children. More than 100 villagers have been brought to the police station for questing.

After Singh lynched Video Rinku Singh said, ” Attack on Hindu mock will not be tolerated.

He Said,

If you are so fond of becoming a man, then go to the Olympics, bring the gold medal, brighten the name of the country, join the army, fight on the border, do something for the country.

He also added,

Do not think that this video has a connection with a political party, I am a common man of India who lives in the USA and works for his living. After watching this video, my blood boiled over how easily you killed that elderly person.

Over more than 100 people attacked three men in Palghar mob lynching.

According to the reports, the trio was on the way to Nasik from Mumbai to attend a funeral while over more than 100 people forcefully attacked them. The police team which had rushed to the spot for rescue the trio also came under the attack. Among the trio, two were Hindu sadhus while the third one was the driver of the rental car.

The rumors of child gang thieves & dacoits targeting villages near the highway have been doing the round on social media. As a result, villagers were keeping eyes on the highways and stopping late-night travelers on suspicion, “Police officials added.”

Trio deceased have been identified as Sushil Giri Maharaj, Jayesh affiliated to ‘Shri Panch Dashnam Juna Akhara’  in Varanasi and Naresh Yalgade residents of the Kandivali, Maharashtra.

Police have detained more than 100 people by late Friday evening and investigation in underway.

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