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Sarla Thakral: First-Ever Woman pilot of India.

Women empowerment, do we really understand this term?

Let me explain to you, women empowerment is to raise the status of women through education, awareness of rights, training, and allowing women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems of society. Indian govt. has started various schemes for women empowerment.

But it might be lacking somewhere due to no awareness. We have seen many women to achieve their dreams, follow their passion, and stand for their rights. But still, India needs to focus and work on women empowerment.

This is the story of India’s first women to fly and take the hope of the countries women to the sky. Her name was Sarla Thakur. She had an ‘A’ grade license after completing 1,000 flying hours. Gypsy Moth was the first aircraft she flew at the age of 21.

Sarla Thakur registered her name in Indian history, who chased her ambition to become the first lady in India to become a pilot.

Here are some details you must know about her.

  • Sarla Thakral was born in 1914 in New Delhi.
  • She got married at the age of 16 to P D Sharma (First in India to get an Airmail pilot’s license). He was the person who encouraged Sarla to achieve her dreams. P D Sharma came from a family that had nine pilots.
  • She was mother to a 4-year-old when she created history. She flew a two-seater plane in 1936 in Lahore. After getting her license she completed her 1000 flying hours on an aircraft owned by LFC (Lahore Flying Club).
  • It was heartbreaking when her husband P D Sharma died in a plane crash in 1939.
  • Sarla Thakral was interested to have Comercial pilot training for which she went to Jodhpur. But due to the World War II announcement, she had to come back to Lahore and drop her plans to do commercial pilot training.
  • After partition, she settled in New Delhi with her two daughters. While living in Delhi she met to R.P. Thakral and got married in 1948. After marriage, she started her jewellery and textile printing business in Delhi which became a huge success.
  • On 15 March 2008, she left this world. Her journey was an inspiration to everyone to follow dreams with passion.

Sarla Thakur was the perfect example of women’s empowerment. Women really should start working together instead of going against one another. It is the birthrights of every woman to get equal value to the men in society. To really make women empowerment successful, every woman needs to be educated and make aware of their rights.

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