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Video Goes Viral, “Food and water being thrown at people at Agra Quarantine Center.

The video was shot at Agra’s Hindustan College, which has been converted into a quarantine center.

Video clip of Agra’s Hindustan college is being widely spread on social media. In video food and water are being thrown to quarantine people and crowd were seen without following social distancing. Agra Hindustan college has managed as a quarantine center by Agra administration.

Agra DM Prabhu N Singh said, according to ANI, They are inspecting the quarantine center at Hindustan college after receiving complaints about food distribution. And the top official team has been assigned and asked to look into this matter.

The Agra city has reported the highest number of COVID-19cases at 372 in Uttar Pradesh.
In the Video, gates are closed and food is being thrown to people by a man in blue protective wear.

“This is what is being done to the people who have been quarantined. We were told that we will be medically checked up in quarantine but nothing of that sort happening in Agra quarantine center. there is no proper management of food and water,” a woman is heard saying the video”.

Many Twitterati tagged these videos to the district magistrate and police department to draw attention to the situation.

Earlier on 21 April, Mayor of Agra Naveen Jain had written a letter to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath about the worst situation of the Agra and the fear that Agra will become another Wuhan. As Agra has highest number of Coronavirus in UP

As of now, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 case has reached to 29,451 in India, while 939 has been Deceased.

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